3 Quick Tips to Relieve Coccyx Pain

Published: 23rd June 2011
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The coccyx is usually referred to as the tailbone because of its location, appearance and functions. Sometimes, because of accidents or simple everyday activities that puts unnecessary pressure and friction to our tailbone, they may become bruised or damaged. Oftentimes, they may hurt for no reason at all. There are some cases where in trauma, dislocations, fractures and malignancies are the notable cause of the said condition. The gravity of pain makes the patient uncomfortable to deal with everyday life.

Having coccyx pain is even more frustrating because the pain is magnified when sitting down due to the pressure placed on your tailbone. Sometimes the pain is so severe even lying down becomes a problem. But don’t be disappointed as you are not alone, coccyx pain can be treated and cured in majority of the cases and if you want to know the ways to cure this pain this article might help you.

Coccyx pain can be experienced for a number of reasons. You can get tailbone pain due to some injury to your lower back. Usual causes are falling down the stairs, bending your body at some inappropriate manner or lifting some heavy object. It is also common for people engaging in sports activities such as rowing, biking, taekwondo and soccer wherein the tailbone is subject to repetitive stress. Coccyx pain is also known to affect more females than males. This is mainly because the pelvis of women is wider and therefore leaving the tailbone more exposed. Coccyx is mostly experienced when giving birth. Oftentimes they only get light bruising because of the baby’s head sliding past the tailbone as it moves through the birth canal. This bruising usually goes away on its own. But in worse cases the coccyx may be fractured and the best way to deal with coccyx pain in this situation is to immediately consult a doctor.

Fortunately, majority of the cases of tailbone pain can be cured by simple precautionary measures and exercises and mostly it goes away by itself after sometime. In case it becomes worse or doesn’t go away here are some of the tips to relieve the coccyx pain:

• When dealing with coccyx pain, it is advisable to avoid sitting for long periods as this can aggravate the coccyx pain because of the pressure that falls on the tailbone. And, whenever you sit, try to lean forward so that most of the pressure isn’t on the back. Use coccyx cushions whenever possible as they provide support to your back and ease the coccyx pain. These pillows are usually designed with a hole wherein you can position your tailbone while sitting. This will prevent pressure on your coccyx and thus keep from aggravating your coccyx pain. Two of the most common types of coccyx cushion are the doughnut and wedge types.

• You can also apply ice to the tailbone several times a day for 10-15 minutes each time. Heat and cold therapies are known to be very effective for pains. In case of a mild tailbone pains you should apply the cold compresses, whereas in case of chronic pain heat therapy should be used.

• Take a pain reliever such as Ibuprofen to help ease the pain. This is probably the most convenient way to reduce the discomfort brought by this condition. However, as in any other drugs, this should be taken in moderation.

By following the above mentioned tips and bringing small changes to your lifestyle specially being careful about your body posture and using the coccyx cushions as much as possible you can relieve your coccyx pain, but if the pain persist it is strongly advised to see a specialist.

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