Chronic Coccyx Pain

Published: 09th June 2011
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While an injured tailbone heals itself within a certain period of time, people suffering from chronic pain may have to live with it for years or even their entire lives. The coccyx bone is delicate in the sense that it can be easily injured by traumatic force or in the case of women during childbirth. Compared to all other categories of back related injuries coccyx pain is something that takes a long time to heal. While minor coccyx injuries may last a few months others can take several months or even years to heal especially in the case of a fractured coccyx. However if the pain just refuses to go then this condition is not normal.

Diagnosis of Tailbone Pain

When the tailbone or coccyx is injured it will definitely heal, but if the pain does not subside after a long time then it could be that scar tissue or another physical abnormality is causing the pain. In most cases the injury has triggered a psychosomatic event which is causing pain.

If a person experience severe pain without any visible sign of injury to the coccyx the pain could be a result of problems with the sacroiliac joint or probably even piriformis syndrome. However these conditions are not very painful but have been popularized as an explanation for people who experience pain without injury.

Facts about Chronic Coccyx Pain

The coccyx is probably one of the most commonly removed or repaired parts of the spine. Doctors advise that patients suffering from chronic coccyx pain get it removed or repaired. However the track record of pain relief after the procedure is poor to say the least. Patients are mostly given placebos and often develop another pain as a substitute in some other location along the spine. Others complain that their tailbone pain has not gone despite the removal of the coccyx. This proves that the pain was more psychological and certainly not physical.

Chronic Tailbone Pain Recommendation

I can attest to the fact that tailbone pain can be really painful. Iíve suffered countless instances of bruised coccyx often as a result of my martial arts background. I also hurt my tailbone during childhood and had to endure months of pain, however the pain resolved itself and I started feeling as good as new. If your coccyx pain has not subsided even after months of enduring it you have to consider that it is psychosomatic. The cure is easy once you have the knowledge and accept that the pain is caused by your brain. Once you manage to accomplish this your pain will cease to bother you.

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