Coccyx Cushion. How To Put Your Pain Behind You!

Published: 23rd June 2011
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Do you have regular coccyx pain? Then a coccyx cushion may just be what you need. These cushions have been designed for people suffering from coccyx or tailbone pain. There are many different types of coccyx cushions available for tailbone pain and injuries. There are the donut cushions. These cushions are round and have a hole at the center. The idea is for the person to sit in the cushion, exerting the body pressure on the other parts of the body while the coccyx region remains suspended. However, many people complain that they often find these cushions awkward.

Then there are the wedge cushions. These are essentially squared cushions with a hole towards one end. The patients sit on the cushion just as they would in any chair, but they make sure that the hole is around the coccyx region. The hole is wedge shaped, hence the reason for the name- wedge cushions. Many patients say that they find the wedge cushions more comfortable than their donut counterpart.

While most of these cushions are made from sponge or foam, not all of them are made that way; some are inflatable and can be filled with air. These inflatable cushions are easy to pack and carry anywhere. On the other hand, they are more risky and might not last as long as the ones made with sponge/foam. In case they get pricked, you might need to get a new coccyx cushion to help with your coccyx pain.

Most of the time it is advisable to visit your local shops and get a coccyx cushion personally. As compared to doing an online search and ordering it directly, the advantage you will get by going to a local store is that you will actually get to try which coccyx cushion you are most comfortable with. You also get to do some exercises as you meet new people on the way to the store. If there is no local store around, then do a quick search of the coccyx cushion online. Alternatively, you can visit the clinic and let your doctor diagnose you rightly and recommend the best cushion for you.

In some cases, even after buying the coccyx cushion and using it regularly, the coccyx pain might still persist. You should visit your physician for a checkup to make sure that there are no other underlying problems that may cause the condition. You can also consider changing your lifestyle. Get more involved in exercises, do this by enrolling in a gym class or a swimming class and be a regular attendant. You may also want to revamp your diet and begin eating foods rich in proteins, vitamins and fibers. Importantly, avoid foods that your body may be allergic to. In the long run coccyx pain is treatable, and should not worry you too much.

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