Dealing With Coccydynia

Published: 07th October 2011
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Coccyx pain, whcich is also medically known as coccydynia, is commonly referred to as tailbone pain. The coccyx is what remains of our ancestral tail. There are many fused / segmented parts of the tailbone which are collectively known as the coccygeal vertebrae. In some cases coccyx pain may last despite even the most modern forms of treatment. This is why it is recommended that you get your condition accurately diagnosed, since coccyx pain is usually misdiagnosed by many medical professionals.

Aggravators of Coccydynia
There are a number of different activities which an aggravate coccyx pain. Activities such as horseback riding, driving, motorcycle riding, rowing and lifting weights etc. to name a few can definitely make matters worse. Some people may experience a number of different symptoms which range from experiencing temporary relief to extreme pain during bowel movement. In some patients constipation can also cause severe and chronic back pain. Women are prone to coccyx pain which is directly affected by intercourse; men may also experience many sexually related back issues too.

Cautions for Coccydynia Sufferers
The first thing you should do is to get some medical attention. Sometimes the pain could be the result of serious health conditions such as cancer. Often times coccyx pain is misdiagnosed which means that people start receiving the wrong treatment and in some cases surgery which can be avoided. Despite the fact that coccyx pain the most stubborn pain people will ever experience it does respond to the right form of treatment. If the pain you are experiencing does not subside within a few months, the chances of it being physical are less than 1% and so it can be thought of as a psychosomatic pain. In the case of it being psychosomatic you need to learn more about it and seek the right therapy prior to deciding to undergo a drastic form of back surgery.

Coccydynia Recommendation
The coccyx is thought of as a useless remnant of your evolution and so doctors see it an ideal candidate for removal in the case of chronic back pain. Now even though the tailbone can be taken out without really altering your body’s function you need to keep in mind that surgery is no laughing matter and it comes with its own set of risks. You need to understand that just because you do not need a tailbone it does not mean that you should just remove it. The fact is that many people continue to experience pain after the removal, which is often referred to as "phantom pain", which means that the tailbone was not causing the pain. Incorrect diagnosis of the condition meant that the person suffered through surgery but was not relieved. If the patient was knowledgeable the whole ordeal could have been avoided. A coccyx injury heals and becomes as good as new. Chronic coccyx pain on the other hand is psychogenic and is probably based on an old injury. Again knowledge and the right therapy is the best option.

John Dembly has experienced coccyx pain and used a coccyx cushion to help his pain

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