Looking for a Coccyx Cushion? 5 Points to Watch Out for Before Your Buy

Published: 09th February 2011
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Buying a special cushion to help alleviate or prevent coccyx pain is a smart idea. Every medical expert and practically every patient who suffers from tailbone pain can attest to the fact that sitting for even short periods of time aggravates tailbone conditions. If you buy the right cushion, you can look forward to sitting comfortably and possibly even alleviating your pain long term.

There are 5 things to watch out for before you buy a coccyx cushion:

1. Quality.

You are going to use the coccyx cushion you buy a lot. You are going to sit on it for many hours, day after day. If you invest in a poor quality cushion, it will wear out in no time.

Look for brand name products that have several positive customer reviews regarding durability. You can easily find the most popular and well reviewed cushions for tailbone pain online.

Take the time to research and identify quality before you buy. Youíll save yourself the high cost of replacing low-end, cheaply made cushions several times a year.

2. Shape.

People often buy or recommend donut-shaped pillows for individuals who have coccyx pain. Actually, this shape doesnít work well for most users.

A cushion that has a "V" or "U" shape cut out at the back to accommodate your tailbone will probably work better. This allows the tailbone to "float" when you sit, something a donut hole in a cushion will not accomplish.

3. Material.

Think carefully about what type of material youíll find most comfortable when youíre sitting, because youíll be sitting on this cushion a lot. You might prefer a softer or firmer material, memory foam, gel or even an inflatable cushion that lets you sit on air.

If youíre not sure, go to a store and try out several different types of coccyx pillows. If you canít find a store that sells several types, order a few from a company that offers a complete money-back return policy, including shipping. Then try them out in your home, keep the one you like best and send the rest back.

4. Portability.

If you want to obtain the best possible benefits from using a coccyx cushion, youíll need to use one at all times. This means in the car, at the office, at the diner, at church Ė you will need to have your cushion at hand anytime you need to sit down.

Some people find itís very convenient to carry around a cushion thatís designed to be portable as well as somewhat discreet. You might want to buy several different coccyx cushions Ė one for the car, one for the office, one for home use and one thatís portable. If you plan to buy only one, look for some sort of feature that makes it easy to carry around.

5. Attachment.

Pay attention to how your tailbone cushion will attach to a chair. Having your coccyx pillow slide around or fall of your chair every time you have to stand up or move will quickly become bothersome. Look for ties or straps that suit your chair or your vehicleís seat if youíre buying a cushion for your car.

John Dembly has been a coccyx pain sufferer for many years and has used a coccyx cushion to help in easing the pain. For more advice read the article above.

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