Pain In The Tailbone

Published: 17th June 2011
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Coccyx pain also called tailbone pain can be a big problem for some people. The coccyx is what remains of our ancestral tail which existed in our pre-homosapien ancestors. However the coccyx is known to be a source of debilitating and chronic pain for many. Coccyx pain is also medically called coccygodynia or coccydynia.

Common Tailbone Pain Symptoms

* Experiencing pain when lying or sitting straight.
* Symptoms similar to sciatica. Pain that radiates, and produces tingling or even numbness around the legs.
* Bowel movement pain
* Painful sensations during sexual intercourse

Coccydynia and its causes

Some people and especially women have a more prominent coccyx. A coccyx that sticks out due to the same of the female pelvis is actually designed to enable a child to easily pass through during childbirth.
Coccyx pain is commonly a result of falling on the back and especially the lower part of the back. The tailbone even though one of the hardest parts of the spine is still susceptible to fracture, and bruising. A fractured coccyx can be a source of lots of pain. Many people have started reporting pain after they slipped while exiting their bath tub.
This very same thing I happened to experience many years ago, but I still remember the pain which lasted for around a year! In addition childbirth can also be a source of tailbone pain. The coccyx slowly begins to turn as the delivery date of a woman nears. This system is designed to make childbirth easier. However the coccyx does get in the way sometimes which can result in fracture or bruising.

Any type of trauma for instance an impact or even a kick can result in damage to the coccyx.

A number of bone related tumors and diseases can also be the source of coccyx pain.

Tailbone Pain Treatment

Much of the treatment for coccyx pain is similar to treatment for lower back pain. However conservative treatment will first be attempted with hopes of it fixing the pain.

* Medicine
* Chiropractic
* Epidural Injections
* Physical Therapy

A number of products have also been especially designed for relieving coccyx pain. Special donuts, cushions, and other products can help by reducing the pressure on the bone while sitting. These things can help make living with tailbone pain bearable until it is cured.

Tailbone Pain Surgery

If all the conservative treatments are ineffective then the final option is always surgery. Surgery will mainly consist of removing the coccyx bone altogether. The tailbone is not really used and so the body shouldn't miss it once removed.

However a back operation is serious and you can run the risk of long term spinal injuries if things go wrong. The good news is that the procedure has an 80% success rate at resolving coccyx pain.

Tailbone Pain Recommendation

If you have lately injured your coccyx you need to relax as it takes its own time to heal. It can take up to twelve months for a coccyx fracture to heal and even more. Holistic treatments can be used to relieve the pain in place of pharmaceutical medications. You will need to look further if you find out that your pain has become chronic since in most cases the pain is not physical. Surgery should only be considered as the final option since it can cause problems.

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