"Why Do I Have Coccyx Pain?" 4 Over looked Causes of Tailbone Pain.

Published: 09th March 2011
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If you have started reading this article because of its title chances are that you or someone close to you has been suffering from coccyx or tailbone pain. If any of the previously mentioned scenarios is true for you then you must know what it feels like to suffer from the coccyx pain as it not only hurts your body but also makes it impossible for you to perform your everyday activities comfortably. But you are not alone as there are many people out there who have been suffering from coccyx pain for a long time and many of them donít even know why they have these pains. If you are among those people who donít know the reasons for their tailbone pain keep on reading this article and we will try to give you the answer to this disturbing question.

In order for you to know why you are having coccyx pain you need to think about the time when you first started having them. Was it after you had some sort of injury or maybe while you were lifting some heavy object or during some kind of exercise like bicycling? It is important for you to try to remember exactly what caused your tailbone pain as knowing the answer to this question will help you in finding the right kind of treatment for your coccyx pain.

1. One of the major causes of tailbone pain is sitting on hard surfaces for long periods of time. People who sit on hard surfaces gets coccyx pain because the pressure from their body and constant contact with the hard surface from below causes their tailbone to bruise hence causing tailbone pain.

2. The second reason which most people donít even think about is exercises like bicycling. In such types of exercise your tailbone gets bruised because of the friction caused by the constant motion of your lower body against the seat of the bicycle.

3. Usually mothers who have recently given birth suffer from slight coccyx pain and most of the times they tend to overlook it, which can make the situation worse. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to immediately see an orthopedic specialist in this scenario.

4. You can also suffer from tailbone pain due to some fall in which your tailbone might have felt a direct or indirect blow. It is possible that you wonít immediately feel any pain but later on as time goes by and your coccyx bruising becomes worse due to negligence, you start suffering from severe coccyx pain. Therefore, it is strongly advised to visit a doctor after some fall or accident even if you feel perfectly fine.

Coccyx pain can be really hard to deal with and it may take time for you to find relief. Many treatments and solutions have been found that can make things easier for tailbone pain sufferers but one thing always remains true, prevention is better than cure. And what better way to prevent coccyx pain than to know its causes and do your best to avoid them.

John Dembly has been a coxis pain sufferer and writes about health and disability topics. Learn advice and tips on easing coxis pain in the article above.

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